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Notebooks/Journals/Diaries/Notepads - I have lot of them. One for office to write my daily to-do, one for house to remind myself everyday what work needs to be done, what needs to be bought, etc. and one of my favorite journal/travel diary where I write all my travel memories. How about you? How many you have and for what? Share with us?

P.S. - You can choose any "horizontal" picture from our main BLOG and we'll get it customized for you. :)

P.P.S - These can be used for gifting purpose. So if you wish to send us a note along with this, please mention the same in email.

Specifications :

Dimensions - 8.2" x 5.8"
Material - Deo Ruled Paper (120 pages) 
Soft Bound

Delivery Time : 7-10 days

Care Instructions : Wipe with dry cloth

Cost :

Wiro Binding - Rs. 300

Perfect Binding - Rs. 400

Delivery Charges :

For orders below Rs. 1000 - Rs. 60

For orders above Rs. 1000 - Free

Samples :

Disclaimer : These are optimized images, the higher quality pictures are available with us.

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