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Coasters not only bring a spark to your dining table but is also useful to get rid of marks on your table. We bring a unique collection of coasters to bright up your mood while having coffee/tea/drinks with your friends or loved ones.

P.S. - You can choose any 6 horizontal pictures (1 set) from our main BLOG and we'll get it customized for you. :)

P.P.S - These can be used for gifting purpose. So if you wish to send us a note along with this, please mention the same in email.

Specifications :

Dimensions - 3.5" x 3.5"

Thickness - 4mm
Material - Acrylic sheets infused on cork board

Delivery Time : 5-7 days

Care Instructions : Wipe with dry cloth

Cost : Rs. 600 per set (1 set = 6 pictures)

Delivery Charges :

For orders below Rs. 1000 - Rs. 60

For orders above Rs. 1000 - Free

Samples :

Disclaimer : These are optimized images, the higher quality pictures are available with us.

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