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Garden Of 5 Senses, New Delhi

To convert this picture in form of :

1. Coffee Mug - http://store.pixelsorcery.in/p/ceramic-mugs.html

2. Poster - http://store.pixelsorcery.in/p/posters.html

3. Coaster - http://store.pixelsorcery.in/p/coasters.html
(Please note, for coasters it should be a set of 6 horizontal pictures. 1 set = 6 pictures)

4. Postcard - http://store.pixelsorcery.in/p/postcards.html
(Please note, for postcards it should be a set of 6 pictures. 1 set = 6 pictures)

5. Stretched Canvas - http://store.pixelsorcery.in/p/stretched-canvas.html

Dimensions, Material, Cost details are mentioned in respective links only. :)

Disclaimer : This is an optimized image, the higher quality pictures are available with us.


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